• Rental Luxury cars in Hawaii

    Book Luxury Cars in Hawaii

    The following is the very best way to secure Hawaii high-end car leasing:

    1. Go to the vehicle hire company of your choosing.
    2. Select rental tape and the type of car wanted.
    3. Have your charge card on hand so that you can at least protect the appointment. Some vintage car rental areas need a deposit up front that is equal to the rate of the leasing. It remains in your finest interest, then, to utilize a card with a higher credit line.
    4. Print the booking with the verification number.


    Hawaii is a tourist hotspot, which indicates that you must make holiday plans well beforehand. Some tourists who prepare a high-end journey to Hawaii attempt to secure Hawaii luxury vehicle rentals as far out as twelve months ahead of their trip. Making your reservation for a compact vehicle a minimum of five months in advance enhances your chances of getting the very best rates. You need to remember that summertimes in Hawaii are the most popular months specifically on the most popular island like Oahu or Maui. Securing a unique vehicle leasing in Hawaii from June through August will cost astronomically more than borrowing an automobile in the winter season.


    A luxury automobile leasing does not have to come with the significant price. You can conserve a lot of cash by requesting a full-size luxury sedan. Lots of travelers choose compact cars and trucks because they are more straightforward to drive around the island. Your willingness to go versus the grain can lead to more money in your pocket for costs on other satisfying activities like fine dining and shopping.

    Conserving cash on an exotic vehicle such as convertible cars and truck is possible when you avoid renting such car throughout holiday visits. Everyone desires their hair to blow in the wind while relaxing throughout a holiday break. You need to be ready to go for all the windows rolled down if you do not wish to pay the maximum price for your leasing.


    Priceline has a distinct feature for vehicle rentals called “Name Your Price.” Utilizing this tool is an excellent method to conserve cash on a luxury automobile hire. Consumers report discount rates as much as 40 percent with an extra 3 percent money back after making the most of Priceline’s pricing function.


    Priceline may save money in the lorry’s rental cost. However, there is no chance to prevent the Hawaii Motor Vehicle Surcharge and other charges. The state of Hawaii is among a couple of areas in the US that does not charge sales tax. The city imposes a General Excise Tax included in automobile rental purchases together with the Hawaii Motor Vehicle Surcharge. You can expect to pay up to 11 percent in Getting tariffs and an additional $3.00 per day to cover the vehicle additional charge fees when you obtain a high-end vehicle rental. The state of Hawaii likewise charges its tourist automobile renters a concession charge and client facility charge that amounts to $4.50 daily.


    You are not required to obtain automobile rental insurance from the automobile hire firm. It is, however, reckless to handle the whole financial concern for mishaps in Hawaii. Acquiring Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) is the very best path when you want the rental company to manage all monetary obligations in the circumstances of an auto incident. The coverage of an SLI arrangement is for as much as $1,000,000 in damages, and the policy pays before your insurance can be sought for compensation.

    Occupants also have the alternative of a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) that eliminates them from financial commitments in the instance of a cars and truck mishap. An LDW agreement is not an insurance policy, which means that occupants can not gather payment for medical expenditures.

    People who choose a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) will be pleased to know that such strategy guards them against monetary duty in the circumstances of a mishap destructive residential or commercial property such as residential housing and commercial buildings. This contract can conserve you thousands since home damage rapidly rises to substantial amounts.


    It is possible to lease a vehicle at one airport in Hawaii and return it to another airfield on the island. You should, nevertheless, anticipate paying an additional charge for such service. Rental automobile firms consist of a drop charge on a customer’s costs when he cannot return a car to the destination from which he recovered the auto. You can expect to pay as much as $85 one way for the convenience of renting a luxury vehicle at one airport and returning it to another.

  • Garden Of Gods Tours

    Garden Of Gods – Hawaii Pacific Luxury

    Hawaii Pacific Luxury – Garden Of Gods

    Garden of the Gods is a unique however beautiful rock development that has been developed by thousands of years of disintegration. The result is vibrant peaks and buttes in a remote canyon area on the tropical Hawaiian island of Lanai.

    Deep colors of red, purple, and other earth, in addition to crusted lava, develop offers island visitors an amazing lunar landscape.

    You wish to see the Garden of the Gods either in either the morning or late night. The factor for this is since the sun’s rays strike the numerous minerals in the rock, drawing out vibrant series of colors and using up a banquet for the eyes.

    Precisely what makes this Hawaiian place a lot more special is the surrounding dry environment and gusty seaside winds off the Pacific Ocean.

    The ancient Hawaiian legend of how Garden of the Gods got its name is that the massive rocks and stones were dropped from the sky by the gods tending their gardens.

    Just 4-wheel drive lorries are allowed on the dirt road causing the Garden of the Gods. Be sure to consult your rental automobile business before making the trip.

    To reserve an appointment to see the Garden of the Gods on Lanai, Hawaii, please contact Hawaii Pacific Luxury today to experience the tropical charm of Hawaii. Hawaii Pacific Luxury recommends you to check out Lanai, Hawaii, the Garden of the Gods. Check out the page, Contact us for any reservations.

  • Lumeria Maui, Hawaii

    Lumeria Maui, Hawaii – Health Retreat

    Lumeria Maui in Hawaii– Ultimate Health Retreat
    Hawaii, Maui

    Located in Maui, Lumeria Maui is the principal retreat for the mind, body, and spirit in Hawaii. This luxury retreat uses yoga, holistic educational experiences, therapies plus extra age-old disciplines that have been integrated with the pioneering wave sports and experience discovered in Hawaii.

    Lumeria Maui was proud to have been recognized in Yoga Magazine as one of the supreme wellness retreats in all of North America.

    Now you can experience Lumeria Maui by booking a Personal Wellness Escape Package. Escape the tension or daily life or the crazy vacation season in the tropical paradise that is Hawaii.

    The brand-new wellness plan is offered between November 30 and December 27, 2017, and enables guests to indulge themselves in the culture and natural beauty of Maui. The program’s objective is to spiritually reconnect and physically bring back everyone.

    Courses at Lumeria Maui consist of meditation, yoga, cultivation, sound treatment and numerous others. Leading specialists will serve you. The package is a three-night stay, and you will take pleasure in a vacation that’s devoted to supplying restoration of your body, mind, and spirit.

    Visitors may take part in every day on-site classes and activities such as yoga, meditations and educational offerings consisting of aromatherapy and topics of holistic health. All meals in addition to a conventional Lomi massage are included.

    The Personal Health Escape Plan at Lumeria allows visitors to take up to 4 classes every day. Between the numerous program activities and your meals, unwind in a hammock located in the extraordinary at the nearby Pine Forest. Take a dip and swim in the property’s stunning saline pool.

    Lumeria’s restaurant is named MuBu and uses nutritionally-balanced menus with mouthwatering options. Th food is scrumptious and utilizes locally– sourced ingredients that even includes produce grown on the Lumeria farm.

    Also, be sure to take in the Maui environments where ocean, island, mountain and tropical views are at every turn.

    Rates for the Personal Health Escape Package at Lumeria Maui is $1,299 per individual for the first three nights. If you want to extend your stay, each night is an extra $250.

    If you have an interest in scheduling a booking at Lumeria Maui in Hawaii, contact among our travel concierge professionals today. Return to follow this high-end blog and check out other luxury travel and personal health experiences.

  • spa pre set up

    Do’s and Don’ts: SPA

    If a spa treatment is reserved, there is no doubt that women eagerly anticipate it with pleasant expectation. There are a few things the spa-goer must think about to guarantee the most peaceful experience possible. This Top Ten guidance will assist and reveal what to expect for in a spa.

    1. Book in advance.
    An advance reservation is your key to secure your favored date and time of treatment.

    2. Be punctual.
    Regardless the treatment reserved, it is essential to be in time. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment, as spa treatments start precisely on time. Relaxation is among the benefits of a spa treatment, and it is necessary to take full advantage of your package. A late arrival might reduce the treatment length. Unnecessary time pressure ought to be avoided.

    3. Inform your medical history.
    The therapist should be notified about injuries or physical conditions. Many health clubs provide private assessments with the therapist, which help to pick the ideal treatment. Visitors who have high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, are pregnant or have other medical problems are encouraged to consult their physician before booking any spa service.

    4. Your choice to chit-chat.
    There is no pressure to talk or not to talk throughout a treatment. It’s entirely as much as the customer like to. Whether questions occur or it is chosen to enjoy the silence, the customer is welcome to delight in the treatment as preferred. The therapist is trained to read situations and body language of customers.

    5. Don’t be so shy. 

    spa salon

    woman having balinese massage in the spa salon, outdoor

    The client ought to not be humiliated to let the therapist find out about her requirements. If, for example, a massage is given and the pressure has to be changed let the therapist know. It will guarantee that the client receives the very best possible massage. This goes for other treatments too. In general, the therapist has the interest to create the best possible experience with the client.

    6. Welcoming gestures.
    In the majority of health clubs, a welcome drink and towel will be offered at the time of arrival. Nevertheless, it’s recommended not to eat or consume too much before a spa treatment. The most day spas restrict smoking and consumption of alcohol. It is recommended to prevent alcohol instantly before and after the spa treatments. Arrive eaten an hour before, neither starving nor full. Visiting a bathroom before the treatment begins may assist. Irritations or breaks throughout the treatments will interrupt the experience.

    7. Shave.
    In case a client had delicate skin and reserved a body treatment, it is recommended to shave the day before the treatment takes some time, not on the day of the treatment, to avoid skin irritations. After all, should the spa go to be taken pleasure in and not worried about.

    8. Bling it down.
    Bring as less jewelry as possible, though the most med spas supply fashion jewelry boxes. The most health spas do decline duty for the loss of money or belongings of any kind brought onto the spa premises.

    9. Relax the rest of the day away. Spa treatments might be scheduled for the afternoon or at the weekend, but not before tiring activities. The sensation of relaxation will last. It would be unfortunate when you have to ruin the well-treated muscles and experience if you stretch your muscles.

    10. Double confirm your booking.
    Inform yourself about the cancellation policies. Some medical spas charge cancellation fees for visits canceled within 24 hours before the treatment starts.

    Here is a Video of Oriental Spa, one of the best in the world in terms of Relaxing Spa.

  • Tropical Maui Luxury Vacation

    Tropical Maui Awaits

    Tropical Maui, Hawaii is ready For You

    Way Of Life Management, Luxury Concierge, Maui, VIP Concierge

    Many people came back for more of Maui As any skilled, return visit to the tropical Pacific islands will tell you, it’s merely Hawaii for all tastes.

    From the bronze bodies that line Ka’anapali Beach in west Maui, to the glamour and appeal of Wailea, to the remoteness of Hana, and practically anything in between, you’ll find your dream location here– and the possibility is, not simply once however again and again.

    The western side of this much-vaunted “finest island worldwide” named Maui, features a few of the most focused beauty of this terrific location. Secured and picture-perfect bays such as Napili and Kapalua use safe swimming for both youngsters and grownups, some of the best snorkeling in the area for everyone, and your option of any variety of smaller, subtle accommodations and condos with a smattering of rental houses included the mix.

    Honolua Bay offers some of the world’s most legendary surfing season. The endless golden sands and crystal waters of Ka’anapali are the things of Hawaiian getaway dreams, lined with large, contemporary hotels, and excellent shopping and dining.

    Lahaina banyan tree on Maui.

    Nearby historic Lahaina town is a simple drive from anywhere in the west with its colorful mix of art galleries, island-style drinking, and dining, not to mention its bustling harbor, a departure point for numerous activities out on the water. West Maui has something for everybody, all under the mantle of an acceptable, temperate, tropical climate many of the year.

    Head south to Wailea, it kinda looks like Beverly Hills. This is where the abundant and well-known stay and play: Premium shopping, dining, golfing and beach-going abound in this enclave of the finest on the island. The beaches are marvelous, the climate dry, the ambiance highly toned and luxurious. It’s the Hawaii-deluxe experience that you will discover along this stretch of coastline, probably unmatched anywhere in the islands.

    The counterpoint to Wailea lies as far eliminated from here as it is possible to be on a small island, on the opposite side of the 10,000-foot inactive volcano of Mt. Haleakala. At the end of among beautiful drives in the world, and an excellent few hours’ north and eastward, is the old Hawaii: the tiny unspoiled hamlet of Hana. The drive to Hana is remarkable therefore stunning.


  • Black Sand Beach in Hawaii

    Hana – Black Sand Beach

    Roadway to Hana – Black Sand Beach

    On Maui’s easternmost reaches, beyond the legendary surf breaks of the north shore and the sugarcane fields, here’s where you’ll discover real peace and tranquility in an ultimate rain forest setting dotted with waterfalls, bamboo forests and rustic roadside stalls. Accommodations are less but a good variety of choices does exist, and sandy strips like Hamoa Beach are uncrowded palm-fringed gems. Hana is remote and may not be for everyone, however that’s exactly what makes it the special Maui experience that it is.

    Wherever you end up remaining on Maui, it’s hardly possible to leave and regret it. It’s a Hawaiian island small adequate to see excellent diversity in other words time and range, yet huge enough to leave something undiscovered for next time. I ‘d put money on it.

    Do it once, and you too will be back for more of that tropical, Hawaiian paradise– Maui.

    If you have actually dreamed of vacationing in Hawaii and remaining on the tropical island of Maui, contact The Life of Luxury today. We can help strategy and book your whole high-end travel schedule. If you like reading about incredible getaway destinations like Hawaii, come back often to read our luxury blogs.

    Hawaii Pacific Luxury will bring you to the finest Hawaii destination. Hawaii has many more to offer than luxury beaches and luxury hotels. Long stretches of white beaches and blue waters.

  • Atlantis Submarine in Hawaii

    Atlantis Submarine – A Magical Under Sea Adventure

    Atlantis Experiences, Atlantis Submarine, Carthaginian

    For an unbelievable experience, a trip to Maui, Hawaii must consist of an undersea adventure in the modern, 48 passenger Atlantis Submarine.

    You will encounter the incredible journey as part of the Atlantis Adventure submarine trip. This excursion will supply lifetime memories as you explore the fantastic Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Maui, near Lahaina.

    Atlantis Adventures

    Atlantis Adventures is the business that’s been long acknowledged as one of the primary traveler destinations on all the Hawaiian islands. Their submarine fleet uses tours around the islands of Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.

    You will journey into a fantastic blue world about 130 feet below the surface in roomy, air-conditioned comfort.

    Each Atlantis submarine tour starts with a brief flight aboard the shuttle boat “Kapena” to the sub dive website. Throughout the ride, you will see magnificent views of the Lahaina shoreline and the Hawaiian islands of Molokai and Lanai.

    It’s an incredible sight to witness the submarine emerging in an excessive array of bubbles from the previous tour. Your initial step from the ferry to the submarine and board the outstanding sub, then climb down a metal ladder into the Atlantis.

    Atlantis Submarine – captain

    The skilled crew goes through an extensive safety check, notifying us there’s never been a problem in any Atlantis location– a perfect safety record!

    The interior of the sub is immaculate and large. The sub is also air-conditioned, so travelers are incredibly comfortable throughout the entire journey. There are thirteen big portholes on each side of the sub for simple watching.

    Each trip is led by educated and professional guides who offer interesting info about the marine environment. They likewise make the journey satisfying by adding humor to make it a fun experience for all.

    Among the highlights was viewing an old, 97-foot long German freight carrier called the Carthaginian It was bought and deliberately sunk to produce an artificial underwater reef. Over time, the shipwrecked Carthaginian has become a self-sufficient habitat for a wide range of native sea turtles, fish, coral, and other marine life.

    Atlantis Submarine – Carthaginian.

    We were used close-up view of the ship and the coastline’s exotic tropical reefs.We saw many various varieties of fish, including black suggestion sharks and stingray. During the cold weather, keep a close lookout because you might even see whales.

    Another unforgettable moment was when the sub was carefully rested on the ocean flooring sand. To monitor the sub’s real depth during our descent, there is a large overhead digital display screen. The display reading was 128 feet down.

    After the incredible undersea adventure ends, it’s time to increase back to the surface area, hop on the shuttle boat and head back to the Lahaina Harbor.

    Hats off to the expert team of Atlantis and the excellent excursion experience.

  • Hawaii Ultimate Paradise

    Hawaii the America’s Ultimate Paradise

    Ultimate Luxury– Tropical Hawaii is America’s Pacific Paradise

    Tropical Hawaii is America’s Pacific Ocean paradise. Tourists can delight in first-rate beaches and immerse themselves in the culture and customs of the Hawaiian people. We can offer luxury resort holidays on the six major islands of Hawaii. We hope you take pleasure in reading below a brief description of each Hawaiian island. Tropical Hawaii awaits. Make your travel dream become a reality!

    The Big Island is the biggest of the tropical Hawaii islands. The Big Island incorporates diverse landscapes in its 4,000 over square miles. You can check out the black-sand beaches at Punaluu, coffee farms in the Kona region and rainforests along the Hamakua Coast. Kilauea in Hawaii Volcanoes National forest is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Visitors are treated to scorching lava streams that fulfill the sea. Fields of lava rocks provide a method to gorgeous beaches on the Kohala Coast, where some of the most beautiful resorts and golf courses lie. Snorkelers must watch out for green sea turtles here. The town of Hilo hosts the Merrie Queen Celebration, a weeklong cultural celebration that happens each April.

    What is Maui famous for

    Maui is famous for its lovely beaches, golfing, and some fantastic windsurfing places. Hawaiian legend states that an ancient hero called Maui stood atop the island’s Haleakala volcano and lassoed the sun, slowing its descent to make daylight last longer. Nowadays, visitors can drive to the Haleakala Visitors Center at 9,740 feet and catch a magnificent dawn. Lahaina, which is Maui’s west end, was a busy whaling town in the mid-1800’s and is now a growing arts sanctuary. Roadway warriors will delight in driving the famous Hana Highway, a narrow and twisting 64-mile path.

    Maui sundown

    Home to Honolulu which is the state capital, Oahu is a capital for beach worshippers, consumers and internet users. A lot of resorts are situated along the 2-mile stretch of sand at Waikiki Beach. One of the most popular Oahu landmarks is the USS Arizona Memorial. This unbelievable location is committed to the 2,335 service members and 68 civilians who passed away during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Royal heritage is on display at Iolani Palace. It is the official house of Hawaii’s last two queens. November through February is the best time to see the pros deal with the big waves at the North Shore, a prime browsing spot. The iconic Diamond Head peak rises above the Honolulu horizon. Hike to the top and delight in astonishing views to those who want to trek.

    Rainforest and Trekking

    Emerald valleys, rainforests, taro fields and waterfalls create a lavish phenomenon in Kauai, known as “The Garden Isle.” Waimea Canyon has actually been called “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” It provides lookouts that supply panoramas of the chasm, which is a mile broad and 14 miles long. Visitors can get a more detailed look at the velvety green, knife-edged cliffs of the Napali Coast by boat or helicopter trip. Likewise, try hiking the tough Kalalau Trail. The Fern Grotto, as soon as limited to Hawaiian royalty. This big draw features a lava rock cave that’s curtained in tropical foliage and available by a boat ride up the Wailua River.

    Maui sundown

    Lanai is Hawaii’s tiniest occupied island, and it uses first-class beaches and golf (it’s home to a 6-star Four Seasons resort) and rugged experiences– like four-wheel-drive expeditions to secluded Polihua Beach or walkings along the 13-mile Munro Trail through eucalyptus and pine forests. The isle’s main town, Lanai City, when was the center of a flourishing pineapple industry and still celebrates the tropical fruit at a yearly festival in July. Today, it offers a collection of dining establishments and stores positioned around Dole Park.

    Subtle Molokai still stays mostly undeveloped and is the place to experience “old Hawaii.” The highest point in its largest town, the Kaunakakai is a church steeple. There resides an 80-year-old Kanemitsu’s Bakery that draws long lines of locals for its fresh bread hot from the oven. Maunaloa is a little plantation town embedded in the hills, and it’s well-known for the handmade kites. Papohaku Beach is a long stretch of white sand that extends for 3 miles, while the Kamakou Preserve houses unusual plants– most discovered no place else in the world.

    Make your plans to go to tropical Hawaii for an astounding, VIP experience. Our luxury concierge professionals can help you strategy and book your dream getaway. We can organize helicopter and boat journeys, luaus, fine dining, sightseeing, scuba diving, browsing and much more!

    The Hawaii Pacific Luxury uses a variety of luxury travel services to tropical Hawaii. Go back to read our luxury blog site. The world awaits. Where do you desire to go?

  • woman in a pool

    10 Luxury Vacation Rental Tips

    The luxury vacation home is the ideal choice for people who wish to invest some quality time with their household and enjoy their holiday with no troubles. Most of the people these days choose luxury vacation houses over hotels because they are less expensive and they provide the privacy that people need to relax and unwind.

    Beachfront rental property in hawaii

    Luxury Vacation Rentals

    Selecting the perfect place to stay is an essential thing when it relates to journeys. If you want an outstanding trip home, you can have fun with your family and friends. Conversely, if you pick a damaged location, the entire trip might end up being a problem. So, here are some helpful pointers to assist you to choose the finest luxury trip leasing for an entirely pleasurable stay.

    1. Get direct information – Do not get taken in by the photos you see on a site. Those images might be old or deceptively “photo-shopped.” Attempt to discover as many details as possible about the area from numerous web online forums and by asking your great pals and relative who may have remained there. This is among the most important things you need to bear in mind while leasing the luxury vacation home.

    POINTER: Tripadvisor, Airbnb may have those reviews that you wanted. Simple search on Facebook or Instagram might assist too

    2. Use the Google Earth and Google Street View – Discover precisely what the surrounding is.. Websites do not provide you a clear picture of exactly what the surrounding resembles and numerous domestic or commercial home owners have the propensity to highlight just the positives aspects of the place.

    Pointer: Use Google Earth plus Google Street View, to find the vacation house and take a good take a look at the location.

    3. Get the finest offers – Some luxury villa are overpriced, and some are extremely inexpensive. So, have a look at rental home listings from numerous sites and choose precisely what you think is cost reliable.

    TIP: Trivago, Airbnb, Finest offers always offer less expensive accommodation. Sometimes the hotel itself uses the lowest rate. WHY? Since they wish to encourage customers to use their booking portals rather than to pay commissions of the third party booking portals.

    4. The devil remains in the details – Always check out the rules and guidelines before you sign the lease documents. Precisely what is their cancellation policy? Do they supply a partial refund if you leave early? Should you wash the linens and sheets at the end of your stay? Are there any terms concerning down payment? You have to learn the responses to all these concerns and more so that you can prevent last minute confusions.

    TIP: CARPARK. Carpark is a thing we always forget.
    If you are preparing to prepare, most of the luxury residential or commercial property vacation owners include the kitchen but some do not. Prepare your bargaining abilities.

    oHandymen might be useful – You need to know whom to get in touch with in case of any unexpected issue. If the kitchen, home appliances or the electronic devices in the living-room falls out, you ought to have the capability to call a handyman who can come and fix the issue immediately.

    TIP: Save the significant telephone numbers you find right after checking in the agreement.

    5. Pets – If you have animals, make sure the place you pick has a pet-friendly policy. Most significantly, inform them what sort of animal you have and discover if they are alright with that. A lot of luxury getaway holiday rentals permit animals. Nevertheless, there are a couple of exceptions too. While they might invite a pug or a golden retriever, they might not let a bullmastiff or a Great Dane. So, this is something you need to find out before you sign the paperwork.


    6. Kitchen inquiries – Most luxury apartments consist of a completely equipped kitchen location. In this manner, you can prepare your personal meals rather of taking in at expensive hotels and save lots of cash. The problem, nevertheless, is that a good deal of completely gotten ready kitchens is not actually ‘entirely prepared.’ So, you require to find out if the cooking area has whatever you need to look after your food requirements.

    7. Look for the secret charges – Read the contract completely – double check again and again. You need to find who pays for the energy expenses, the Wi-Fi service, cable, and housekeeping services. Such information is not clearly discussed in a lot of arrangements. So, you have to clarify whatever before you sign the contract to avoid any surprise costs.

    IDEA: Is the Tax inclusive? Mostly now they are, but there are some which are not so better inspect the costs to prevent unexpected charges.

    8. Negotiation is the secret – You have to comprehend that when it pertains to the luxury villa, individuals who understand the best ways to haggle continuously get the best deals. In a lot of cases, virtually each expense explained in the contract is versatile. So, get exactly what you want by bargaining hard and sensible.

    9. Book in advance – Start searching for luxury trip leasings early, specifically if you are seeking to visit an exceptionally popular journey destination. By scheduling a minimum of 6 months in advance, you can prevent the peak season charges and conserve some money too.

    TIP: Get a complimentary membership to your preferred luxury holiday rentals to get the most current offers.

    10. DEPOSIT BACK. Do not forget to collect your DEPOSIT at the end of your trip!

    For more about luxury vacation rentals, watch this video

  • Lanikai Hawaii

    Unique beachfront property

    This incredible estate was the dream home of the late, world renowned hair care guru, Paul Mitchell. The Paul Mitchell estate combines contemporary amenities with superb traditional island craftsmanship. Carey Smoot of Source Tropical design
    This incredible estate was the dream home of the late, world renowned hair care guru, Paul Mitchell. The Paul Mitchell estate combines contemporary amenities with superb traditional island craftsmanship. Carey Smoot of Source Tropical designed the estate as an early Hawaiian ideal with materials from Hawaii and Indonesia. The result is one of the most beautiful homes in Hawaii. Breathtaking ocean views, tropical structures with a soft and welcoming decor and the ideal beach location compare to none.

    The estate includes a two-bedroom guesthouse, a Japanese bathhouse with a furo bath and sauna, dining and kitchen pavilion with a charming open entertainment bar, pool cabana with waterfall and secluded hot tub, staff quarters/carriage house, and a garage with wine cellar and storage rooms. Located in lovely Lanikai, overlooking the Mokulua Islands, featuring 230 ft. of white sand beach, this 1.3 acre Polynesian Village lies a midst a tropical paradise of native foliage and trees loaded with scrumptious fruit. Complete with daily maid service, this fantastic vacation property leaves nothing to be desired.

    Beachfront rental property in hawaii

    Architect, Carey Smoot, created a small Hawaiian-style village compromised of 7 separate structures. The main living bungalow features the living room, kitchen, half bath, two master suites each with a queen size bed and full bath. The Boat House has a downstairs aquatic center and full bath; upstairs there is an entertainment area, bedroom with two queen beds (one in loft area) and one half bath. The Entertainment Pavilion offers an auxiliary kitchen, bar and open air living areas. The Guest House has two bedrooms each with a queen size bed and a half bath. The Bath House features a Japanese “Furo” (bath) shower and sauna. The Pool Cabana includes a large entertainment area, 2 full baths, swimming pool with waterfall and a hot tub. The seventh bungalow or the optional “Carriage House or Staff Quarters” consists of two bedrooms and two bathrooms located above the garage. The estate may be rented as a 5 bedroom/10 bath, or as a 7 bedroom/12 bath with the addition of the 2 bedroom/2 bath carriage house. In total, the estate provides 7 queen beds and 1 queen futon.

    beach and ocean fronting Paul Mitchell Estate Vacation rental

    The Paul Mitchell estate is a unique beachfront property with a unique tropical flavor and enough accommodation for a party of 14+ guests to relax comfortably. World-renowned, this  is the Oahu dream getaway!